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Executive Diploma in Cabin Crew & Airline Management

“Earn High Income & Travel Around the World”

The Executive Diploma in Cabin Crew & Airline Management Course also provides an adequate training ground to enable the student to have several options for job opportunities in the Airlines industry. Our  comprehensive and intensive training will emphasize the responsibilities and duties that are needed for successful employment in the airline industry as well as prepare the candidate for a selection of choices of jobs. Trainees will be able to understand the reality of life on board an aircraft, as it necessitates the swift demand for air safety and emergency response and effective communication skills that are required in a multicultural environment and the general work requirements. Once the student finishes the course, he/she will be ready for hands-on industrial training that will further enhance his/her skills and competency. These skills and competency will come beneficial when applying for a job in the aviation industry.


Course Duration

18 month Program
Monday-Friday Class

Programme Structure

Why Cabin Crew & Airline Management

  • Travel Around the World
  • High Employ-ability
  • Gain High Income
  • Work with Famous Airlines
  • Cabin Crew
  • Customer Care Department
  • Airport Ticketing
  • Logistic and Warehousing
  • Ground Handling
  • Flight Operation
  • Traffic Controller


semester 1 semester 2 semester 3
HRE 101 Hospitality and Resort English CIT 100 Hospitality and Resort English PTT 200 Industrial Training
AVM 201 Principle Of Aviation & Aviation Management AVM 244 Airline Business
AVM 211 General Operation of Ramp & Apron Staff AVM 255 Rules & Responsibility of Crew
AVM 222 Ticketing & Reservation AVM 266 Safety & Emergency Procedures
AVM 233 Airport Planning AVM 277 Aircraft Familiarization
FNB 311 / SSF 345 Food and Beverage Operation/Safety and Sanitation in Food Preparation CST 323 / OSM 301 Culinary Skills / Customer Service



16-30 years old



An interview will be held by Academic Department prior admission. This is to ensure that student able to speak and understand English and has an outgoing personality.

“100% Job Placement Assistance”

“Free 5 Years” Career Pathway Planning




Our Career Department is there to offer you an internship as well as career guidance to consolidate the knowledge you have acquired at the academy.

The Career Services team will teach you the useful job search skills and assist in locating the best possible positions that suit for you in worldwide. They will also help in preparing a professional curriculum vitae, cover letter and interview techniques besides assigned a dedicated personal advisor who will guide you throughout your studies.



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