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Chinese Cooking Course

Ambitious Academy will be starting a new course in Chinese Cooking in September 2017. The first batch of students will enjoy up to Rm3000 worth of scholarships. So, hurry!!


You will learn to:

  • Master all aspects of Chinese cooking techniques
  • Enjoy and experience the various forms of learning activities in various interactive classroom and kitchen activities that will intentionally transform the learning dynamic.
  • See the fruits of your learning endeavor through 80% practice & 20% theory

Course outline

  • Understanding of Chinese food
  • Chinese staple food
  • Dim Sum
  • BBQ
  • Chinese dessert
  • Raw material types
  • Kitchen operations and management
  • Various cooking techniques
  • Food carving
  • Food decoration
  • English course
  • Computer course
  • Working environment, safety awareness, and first-aid knowledge.

The Lecturer

The course is taught by our Chief mentor – Chef Steve Ang.  He is someone who readily offers his knowledge, wisdom, and advice to others with less experience. As such, students will be able to easily absorb the knowledge and receive significant psychosocial and social support that is relevant to his or her work, career, or professional development from this successful mentoring partnership.

Chef Steve Ang

Course Duration

Course duration: 18 months

Starting date

Starting date: Sept 2017

Admission requirements

-16 years old or above

-Good character

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