Ambitious Academy | Diploma In Women’s And Men’s Hairdressing With E-volve (Work and Study)
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This diploma covers a vast range of skills and knowledge required For hairdressers who want to work in the hairdressing or barbering industry. This course has been specially formulated to equip students with practical skills to an advanced level through a variety of comprehensive techniques in the study units such as the creative art of cutting women’s hair, the artistic skill of coloring, and imaginative dexterity of styling and dressing hair.


  • Shampoo and care
  • Hairstyling setting
  • Hair cutting skills
  • Perm tips
  • Hair dyeing skills
  • Hairdressing principle knowledge
  • Hairdressing seminar
  • Live hair internship
  • Comb tips
  • Hair salon operation experience
  • Hair product knowledge

Age 16-28


No SPM Required 


Admission Interview

An interview will be held by the Academic Department prior to admission. This is to ensure that student able to speak and understand English and has an outgoing personality.

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