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It gives me great joy, as the Principal of Ambitious Academy, to welcome you. This corporate profile has been carefully fashioned to provide you valuable information about our courses, curriculum and career pathways. This message also highlights our achievements, current happenings, as well as future developments, as to where Ambitious Academy is moving forward to. Success only approaches those who put in hard work, and to remain there, one must not rest on the laurels of the past. We, at Ambitious Academy, portray a fine example of what we are and for being able to achieve and sustain success. We have been influential in determining the successful futures of many of our students in the Aviation, Hospitality and Cruise industry.

I would, therefore, like to invite you to come aboard and begin a career with us at Ambitious Academy, where we set the pace in which endless employment opportunities are created through our Academy’s special innovative and dynamic work-and-study programs. As we have been acknowledged for our academic merit and corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment, we are able to place our students in various regions of Malaysia and Singapore in reputed hotels, restaurants and cruise lines. All our courses represent a mixture of theoretical and practical modules as they meet the needs of employers of today and tomorrow, and hospitality leaders. In our Academy, we not only provide a niche where we adamantly focus on the overall growth and strength of the individual, which is accomplished through the impeccable teaching methodologies adopted by each of our faculties, we also provide such a niche through a totally holistic approach. This distinct and vibrant philosophy has evidently set us apart from the rest of our competitors.

Furthermore at Ambitious Academy, we dare to commit to create better students for the future by providing the best quality education and infrastructure. Our Academy takes great pride in ensuring lots of activities which not only embolden the hidden talents and aptitudes of the students but also back any individuals to do any innovative research, which could lead to creative products. As such, our students have realized that learning is such a passionate progression that can transcend from one individual to another, and it does not necessarily stop at one level but keeps improving.  Because it tends to indoctrinate a spirit of success and assist the individual to develop a positive thinking, this has remained the ultimate objective of the Academy. Thus, Ambitious Academy will always seek to espouse the teaching curriculum and methodology to a much higher level, which will in turn necessitate both intensive and extensive classroom teaching and positive learning outcomes. Given such demands, it is no wonder that our students have come to embrace them and have become better graduates. Consequently, the Academy’s final objective is to be able provide a distinct niche in offering quality education in Malaysia. This is been reflected in our Executive Diploma in Cabin Crew & Airline Management,   Executive Diploma in Hotel & Cruise Management (through PACE) and Diploma programs in Culinary Arts (City and Guilds).

Once again, I thank you for taking your valuable time to visit our website. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you very much.





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